A beast named Vritrasura


Deep within the rumbling grey sky, a bolt of lightning cracked to reveal the mythical beings known as the Vayupranas. These strongly built creatures possessed a human body but with the head and wings of an eagle. There were thousands of them, armored, evenly spread out and holding a battle formation that meant very little to the human eye.

This event could have very well taken place in the calm blue above where the specters of Mother Nature would have aided the Vayupranas.

But the beast was hiding within the largest of clouds – the darkest of clouds.

A bolt of electric white cracked once again, branching out across the sky.

The Vayupranas turned to face the giant golden eagle that ascended from the realm of mortals. It was a sight to behold: the splendor of this eagle which could only be compared to the mighty sun. They joined their palms to pay respect to not only the divine eagle but also the charming blue skinned man named Kanha seated atop it. Coming from the realm of mortals, this ‘being‘ was yet to be fully understood by the Vayupranas.

The dark cloud thundered in anger. It was a mere hiss from the beast hiding within, revealing its intent to emerge, to attack the Vayupranas and Kanha.

Kanha spoke to the golden eagle, deciding on a line of attack while closely watching the ominous cloud that was beginning to lose its shape. Whiffs of black and white smoke spread out like war hungry spirits: an omen to the fierce battle that was about to take place.

The next bolt of lightning revealed the beast.

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