ONEA : The Ghost


K-7 dropped the case to take aim with his pulse-rifle.

The frost on his visor had developed rather quickly and he had to wipe it off yet again. He was beginning to feel warm inside the suit now. There were beads of sweat forming on his forehead, on his temples. Taking a deep breath, he took aim at the icy specter of a feminine kind that emerged from the hillock.

He gripped the handle of his pulse-rifle tightly.

The specter looked around, confused, as though searching for someone until it turned its head towards K-7. It immediately took his shape, a ghost-like image which not only revealed his strongly built naked body, but also radiographic glimpses of his skeletal structure and internal organs that was enveloped by a wide network of veins.

He pulled the trigger despite the building white haze on his visor. A single beam of light shot through the air and went right through the specter.

Nothing happened.

He wiped the frost off his visor.

The specter was still standing, but appeared to be dejected in its posture. It stared at him for a while before taking its previous form, but this time the vapors dissolved into the darkness. The chill in the air soon disappeared.

It took a few minutes for K-7’s heartbeat to become steady.

He held down his pulse-rifle much later.


The main generator was back on and so were the lights.

K-7 sat in the flight cockpit; his body stooped towards the communications radio, his fingers locked into each other in prayer.

“Report Number 4663,” he spoke in his baritone voice, broken and shaky. “The time…is four hours, sixteen minutes and twelve seconds since Daylight. Trooper K-7 stationed on SBX-14 reports of…”

What exactly was he going to report?

Who would believe him?

What he had witnessed, was it even real?

But this was his job. He had to report of any anomalies that occurred within his field of duty. Hence, mere words would not do. There had to be enough evidence to make HQ believe in what he experienced. Maybe he could just say everything was alright until he gathered enough evidence.

‘Always speak the truth.’ his remembered his father’s words. ‘You may think that a few loose words don’t matter, but it boomerangs right back to you before you even know it. Always speak the truth, son. There is nothing else out there.’

If there was going to be an opportunity to provide evidence, it would be done later. Right now, it was top priority to report what he saw.

K-7 held his breath. His fingers moved uncertainly across the flight console.

“There is…something out here, something which I cannot define, a…strange being I have seen for the first time in my twelve years of service. I have no evidence to prove my claim but I will begin preparations shortly.”

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