Warjuna: Demigods


None were meant to see the man who stood at the highest peak of the mountain, but destiny was victorious in guiding the wandering sages to this rocky terrain which was enveloped with icy vapors. The three sages, dressed in saffron colored garments, looked at the giant rock where the man stood on one leg to meditate.

They watched him with a revered smile.

Bare-chested, the man named Tanunpath stood in the Vrksasana pose – a meditation technique where one’s foot would be placed on the inner thigh of the balancing leg, with his hands stretched into the sky and palms joined together to form an arrow above his head.

“There is no measure to the time he has subjected himself to the spectres of Mother Earth.” spoke a sage. “It comes as no surprise why he is oblivious to all sensations and emotions.”

The light that emerged above his skyward facing palms was mistaken for the sun, but as the radiance grew brighter, the sages knew what Tanunpath had been trying to achieve. An aura was formed around him and then blazed straight into the heavens. The sages were blinded by the magnificence of this illusion, but when their mortal eyes received clarity they witnessed what no ordinary human would have:

Lights of red, yellow and orange darted across the sky like meteors, giant clouds were outlined with a surreal glow, and above them all were the mighty Suparnas – divine beings which had the wings and head of an eagle, and the strongly built body of men.

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