Warjuna: Garuda



He sped through the calm blue, his giant wings allowing him to glide smoothly, the strong humanoid part of his body in perfect alignment. The moment he saw the dark, lightening infused clouds approach Mount Sumer, he knew his abode was under threat.

Bracing himself, he sped into the rumbling clouds, dodging bright bolts of lightning and icy storms. Breaking through, he witnessed the beast that that was trying to coil itself around Mount Sumer. Scales shining with the gleam of black steel, the creature was an evil rendition of a colossal python. Protrusions rose all across its body, jaw line and around its eyes that glowed red. Letting out a loud pitched shriek, the insides of its mouth revealed dark grey flesh and fanged teeth that were as big as some of the rocky outcrops on Mount Sumer.

It swung its head at Mount Sumer, but thousands of Garuda’s counterparts were already out in full force, swarming around the beast to try and stop it from getting any closer. The Suparnas had an interesting choice of weapon: spears and giant chains made of Nishi – an indestructible element that possessed the glow of fire.

The beast slowed down, but used its head to attack the Suparnas and ended up breaking away parts of the giant mountain. Projectiles of earth and debris flew in all directions.

The Suparna homeland was beginning to crumble.

“Vayupran,” Garuda screamed in flight. “Who is in charge of the first command?”

“Balakali,” Vayupran replied as he dodged a giant hurling rock.

“Enough of games,” Garuda said. “It’s time we ripped its head off!”

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