Warjuna: Sorcerer



Situated within a vast, beautified garden and surrounded by lush trees that were part of a greater forest, the three tiered white marbled palace stood isolated from the rest of the world. Its purpose would raise several questions. With no guards to protect the palace, or servants to attend to its lone occupant, or any other human being living within a hundred mile radius of this place, one would be greatly cautious.

Somehow it did not seem to deter the man who had walked out of the forest and into the garden. Lean and dressed in a simple white drape across his torso and wearing a similar lower garment, he gazed at the palace with devout eyes. His mind reminisced conversations from a recent past:

‘They say I can find him there.’

But the journey is not easy, Kalpai. You will have to walk for ten days on the trot. You would have only walked six if the lions don’t eat you alive.

‘I do not fear them. Even if there were any, they would not get anything off my bones. I would be a wasted effort.’

But what about the nights you would have to spend in the forests that surround Vrindavan? I get goosebumps at the thought of it. Are you not afraid of the dark, Kalpai?

‘My destination is as bright as the sun. The void that surrounds it holds no meaning.’

What are you going to tell the prince of Dwaraka? I heard he has become…you…know..

‘My friend, why the hesitation? Be certain of the words you speak.’

There are strange stories going around. They say he has changed color, a gleaming blue, they say. He is only part-human now…a sorcerer of some kind, maybe…

‘Maybe he achieved the status of a Mahayogi?’

I doubt greatly. Raja Kamsa was the most evil man to have ruled these parts of the land, and it was your prince who had slain him. What kind of a man slays their own kin? How does anyone with blood on their hands achieve a divine status?

‘Well, there is only one way to find out, isn’t it?’

At your own peril, yes.

Kalpai smiled at the voices in his head, and then walked through the garden, towards the white marbled palace. Inside he would find a man who the world misunderstood to be a mere sorcerer.



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