Warjuna: The Suparnas – I


Waves gently lapped up against the rocks of the grand mountain, making the little white birds to flutter around and then settle into one of the many trees that sprouted from the sides of this gigantic life bearing structure. Situated in the First Ocean, Mount Sumer stood at over twenty-five thousand feet above sea level, embedded into the backdrop of a blue sky that held a few white clouds.

The sun provided pleasant warmth.

The air was cool and calm.

The part-human, part-eagle beings named Suparnas flew around the mountain harmoniously. A convocation of younglings burst out from behind an edge, maneuvering themselves at a near reckless speed before drifting into a large crevice in the mountain. The six of them landed playfully as they tried to trip over each other, laughing at the expense of those who had tumbled and hurt themselves.

“You are to pay for this, Barasu…” said an injured Ehaka, eyes closed, enveloping himself with his wings that were yet to mature.

“Hurt by a mere fall, have you, Ehaka-the-brave?” teased Yui, the daughter of Vayupran.

“Who goes there?!” a voice boomed.

The younglings gasped in unison, unaware of the giant figure that stood in the distant darkness of the crevice. Slowly emerging into the light, it revealed to be Krathuna – the chief guardian of the dungeon that was built into the depths of Mt.Sumer. The giant, muscular Suparna narrowed his eyes at the younglings, his wide wings spread out to show how he could effortlessly wrap all six of them inside it.

“You, I know you,” he spoke looking at little Barasu. “Are you not supposed to be helping your father in the mines of Nishi?”

“…yes,” Barasu replied, taking a nervous backwards. “…I will…in sometime…”

Prakasa, the oldest of the younglings at sixteen, asked: “Tell us, o elder, do we really hold any prisoners in our dungeon?”

Krathuna squinted with one eye, coming forward with a stoop to have a better look at Prakasa. “So the son of Balakali is a curious one, is he not?”

“…I..did…not…mean to…” Prakasa stuttered, not bothering to complete his words.

“I will share with you a secret of nature,” Krathuna said rising himself to his giant form. “The calm you see around Mt.Sumer has lasted for over thousands of years, and let me assure you that is not the way nature works.”

“What does that even mean, o elder?” Yui asked innocently.

Krathuna thought for a while, and then walked past the younglings who made way for him. He reached the wide opening of the crevice and gazed at the First Ocean, the sun glistening off his golden skin, the wind gently fluttering his feathers.

He seemed to be addressing himself when he said: “The calm you see around Mt. Sumer has lasted for over thousands of years, and let me assure you that is not the way nature works.”

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