Warjuna: The Hunters of Pancharsh


The sky was blocked out by giant trees, allowing thin rays of sunlight to stream through and illuminate the forest in ambient tints of green and gold. At certain places the colors took a darker shade, and at some, it was mere darkness – a place where one would expect dangerous creatures to dwell. As though under the effect of an enchanting spell, there was a strange silence that prevailed in this forest.

No chirping birds.

No grunts of the wild.

It was without warning that Garuda and Tridayu landed inside, raking up leaves from the ground. These celestial beings, half human – half eagle, stood tall and strong and possessed a surreal glow around their bodies. They watched their surroundings carefully, and then crouched having spotted what none other would have.

Tridayu went air-borne, his hand materializing a golden spear out of thin air.

A colossal Drusharja python shot out of the ground, its eyes gleaming green, its fanged mouth aimed at Tridayu.

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