Warjuna: Before the Champion-3


“You know nothing about the enemy!” Bhavanu addressed his young students who were all fighting their designated opponents inside the Champions’ Arena.

“To recognize an enemy, you must first recognize yourself,” Bhavanu continued.

Young Arjuna dodged the arms that aimed to crush him, went low, swiveled and slapped his opponent on the ear, making him bleed. In an instant, he was pushed from behind and nearly fell over another student.

“You must first study your own weaknesses and strengths; accept them and then train to minimize your flaws.”

Arjuna took an elbow in his ribs and a stinging right hook to his jaw; he dropped to the ground, but on his palms. He was not ready to go down just yet.

“Care not for royal blood on my training ground. You are all equals here!” Bhavanu was heard saying and Arjuna did not see the foot that swung into his ribs; he exhaled, taking the impact. He caught the attacker’s foot the second time to swivel on the ground, tripping his opponent while kicking him in the jaw.

From the corner of his eye, Arjuna could see another opponent rushing in. He was on his feet within no time, but far from ready for the wooden mace that was coming his way.



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