Warjuna: Ways of the Street


Doors were shut in a hurry, but the curious ones peeked out of their windows. An uneasy lull descended upon the narrow alley as four sturdy boys guarded each end.

Dayshar, son of Lieutenant Baheera, stood with a smirk and clenched fists. At eighteen he already possessed the physique and strength of a trained warrior. Behind him stood his sister – Ellehsa, smiling because she succeeded in her task: to lure Arjuna into the narrow alley so that Dayshar could challenge with the young prince.

“I didn’t think it was going to be this easy,” Dayshar said.

Arjuna, strongly built but no older than fifteen, wore a blank expression. He knew this day would come; he had been prepared. This was how you gained respect amongst Wagharrians – royalty or otherwise.

His eyes met Ellehsa’s.

She slowly ducked behind her brother’s broad shoulders.

“I hate to say this, but you should have stayed inside the palace,” Dayshar said, cracking his knuckles, moving forward. “Only a fool of a prince will walk these streets without…” and he did not expect Arjuna to move like the way he did.

Dayshar was quick to release a powerful jab, but only found air. Within no time, he had already tripped and found Arjuna’s elbow behind his head, forcing him to land flat on his face.

Ellehsa watched in horror as her brother’s blood and teeth splattered across the ground.

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